Siobhan K Morison



My practice is about nature, and our place within it. This mostly comes about through sculpture, which I love; transforming stone, making work that people want to touch.

Direct carving is the method I use which results in the beginning of the sculpture emerging in a visually chaotic manner, but then sculpting becomes almost meditative, and a dialogue happens with the stone and I become totally absorbed.  The process of ‘making’ absorbs me intellectually as well as physically.

Another love is drawing, making marks, changing ideas into images.

Much of this is drawing from life which refocuses the eye and teaches you about the 3d form, the space it inhabits and the area that surrounds it.

Photography is also something I use a great deal, while some images are taken solely for research purposes the majority are works in their own right, embodying an idea, a feeling, a memory.

'Searching', hand carved from soapstone
'Apollo & Dionysus', hand carved sandstone & soapstone