Siobhan K Morison



I love sculpting, transforming stone, making sculptures that people want to touch.

Direct carving is the method I use, and because of this, the beginning stage of sculpting is visually chaotic with no apparent direction or structure to the work. The initial shape I seek often begins in my head and constant refining is necessary before a form begins to appear, where I am using will to enable the structure to emerge. From then on the process of sculpting involves me in a dialogue with the stone and I feel a kind of transcendence from the here and now. The process of ‘making’ absorbs me intellectually as well as physically.

Another love is drawing, making marks, changing ideas into images.

Much of this is drawing from life which refocuses the eye and teaches you about the 3d form, the space it inhabits and the area that surrounds it.

Photography is also something I use a great deal, while some images are taken solely for research purposes the majority are works in their own right, embodying an idea, a feeling, a memory.

'Searching', hand carved from soapstone
'Apollo & Dionysus', hand carved sandstone & soapstone